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Resurrection Distillery

Hazy Lime Gin

Hazy Lime Gin

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Currently out of stock, but never fear!  There will be more citrus-goodness brewing over the next month.

Introducing Hazy Lime Gin, the drink that's as mysterious as a magic trick! Our distillers have crafted a bewitching blend of lime zest, kaffir lime leaves, and when you add your favourite mixer, watch as this gin transforms into a mesmerizing haze. And beware, my friend, for its strength might make you see the world through lime-tinted glasses. Get ready to sip, savour, and get delightfully hazy with Hazy Lime Gin – it’s the perfect blend of citrusy goodness and questionable decision-making.

45% Alc/Vol

500ml bottle

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All of our spirits are made with 100% grain from Canterbury. No sugar, no buying in whey-based, pre-made alcohol, no bullshit. We put the hard work in to create our bold flavoured spirits from scratch, in our "rustic chic" distillery just outside of Twizel, in the wild west of the Mackenzie.


If you have redneck tendencies, swig straight from the bottle! If you're a bit more refined, drink any of our spirits straight over ice.

If you want a mixer for your booze, we recommend ginger ale or cola with the Gunnrunner White Whiskey. Our Rusty Halo gins pair well with classic or lightly fragrances tonics, or soda and a splash of lime.

The Resurrection tasting team thoroughly recommend using Gunnrunner White Whiskey in a whiskey sour.


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Twizel: Free! We'll hand-deliver your delicious drop!

Canterbury & Otago: 1 bottle = $10, 2-6 bottles = $15, 7-12 bottles = $30

Rest of the South Island: 1 bottle = $10, 2-6 bottles = $17, 7-12 bottles = $34

North Island: 1 bottle = $10, 2 bottles = $20, 3-6 bottles = $27, 7-12 bottles = $54

Rural delivery: 1-6 bottles = $5 extra, 7-12 bottles = $10 extra

We send out deliveries on Mondays and Wednesdays. To see our shipping policy, use the link in the footer.