About Us

Resurrection Distillery was the brainchild of Matt Gunn. He roped in his mate Cody Thyne who caught the distilling bug, then they added Richard Brown for a touch of suave.

The site of the distillery used to be Matt's previous venture - Ben Ohau Road Cheese. The Cheese Room has been converted into the Mash Room, and the still is in a second shipping container. Out of the ashes of cheese, a distillery rose - Resurrection Distillery.

  • Matt

    Dreamt up the business after the wife bought him a small still for Christmas. Creative, untidy, and loves chucking random flavours into booze. Enjoys the smell of the distillery over the smell of the cheese factory. Won the "Best Beard" competition at the annual Resurrection Distillery Awards, 2022.

  • Cody

    Cody likens distilling to the art of alchemy. Turning the ordinary into awesome. He still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up.  Loves people who are on time, doesn’t understand people that aren’t. Held the national title in 2008 for one handed speed clapping. 

  • Big Rich

    Rich helped us get going and without him we may not have even got started. Richard has since left the business but remains a good friend and a top bloke all around.

  • Tracey

    Matt's wife who gets to do the boring compliance in return for sampling products. Tries to make the guys look good in the marketing.

  • Tiriana

    Cody's better half, and the keeper of the purse-strings. A creative sort who came up with the ass-kicking logo. Helps Tracey sample products.